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Welcome to Sci-Fi Science

So what is this site all about? we are a small group of professional scientists who thought it would be a good idea to create a fun website to explore the true science underlying popular science fiction. Why have we done this? There are two reasons, the first is because it was science fiction that sparked our interest in science fact. It was science fiction that, as children, made us wonder if it really was possible to travel to other worlds in space ships, to travel in time and to meet alien lifeforms. The second reason is that we felt that the internet didn't really have many sites that explained some of the common Sci-Fi themes in a simple manner - what is, will be, or probably never will be possible.

As well as sections on the science of science fiction we have also built "fun" areas as, after all, science fiction is great entertainment and was ultimately the inspiration for our pursuit of scienctific careers. We have what we consider to be the all time classic Sci-Fi with more detailed sections on the two science fiction programmes that influenced us the most. These are Dr Who and Stargate, both of which offer excellent story lines that link particularly well into Sci-Fi Science.

In addition this site was designed to conduct an experiment and explore what makes really good Sci-Fi by asking our readers to contribute to a survey so that we can undetake some real analysis generating Top 10 and Top 50 Sci-Fi tables. In addition to creating Top 10 and Top 50 tables we have looked closely at the survey responses and explored further the science behind a range of Sci-Fi films and Fantasy films (as several of these were submitted in the survey)

We are big fans of encouraging people of all ages to gain an interest in science, either through books or DVDs or by actually doing experiments and making discoveries. We buy science kits for our kids and it's great fun to be able to do experiments with them - science is more than just sitting in a classroom learning loads of facts, science is about getting out there and exploring, whether it's with a microscope, a telescope or whatever.

This website is very much a labour of love and we update it as regularly as we can. We wish to have an interactive relationship with our readers and welcome your contact. In particular, there are opportunities to directly contribute to the site, either through written submissions or through undertaking one of our surveys where you can take part in a scientific experiment we are undertaking.

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions into two groups - general questions and questions related to time travel, as this in particular seems to be a popular topic.

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