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Welcome to Sci-Fi Science

As a professional scientist with a PhD in science, I thought it would be a great idea to put together a collection of Sci-Fi related material that explores the true science behind science fiction, written by a real scientist. Why have I done this? There are two reasons, the first is because it was science fiction that sparked my interest in science. It was science fiction that, as child, made me wonder if it really was possible to travel to other worlds in space ships, to travel in time and to meet alien lifeforms. The second reason is that I felt that the internet didn't really have many sites that explained some of the common Sci-Fi themes in a simple manner - what is, what will be, and what will probably never be possible. As well as the science of science fiction I have also included "fun" areas as, after all, science fiction is great entertainment and was ultimately the inspiration for my pursuit of a scienctific career.

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The Doctor

Exploring the common themes seen in science fiction such as do aliens exist?, is time travel possible?, Is it posible to teleport? Is it possible to travel faster than light? Plus lots of other themes.




The classic Sci-Fi of yesteryear with more modern classics too. From black & white pioneers, to groundbreaking films such as The Matrix, to the masters of special effects from today's Sci-Fi films




The longest running Sci-Fi programme on television. This website explores my favourite Sci-Fi, Doctor Who, from the various Doctors, companions and villians to the science of the TARDIS and time travel. Could there really be a sonic screwdriver out there?


Sci-Fi Movies

My second favourite Sci-Fi programme of all time, Stargate. I explore the world of Stargate from the scence of wormholes to the possibility of alien life and very advanced technology


A review of a wide range of Sci-Movies from some that were disasters to others which were way before their time. The visionary and the daft and whether there was any science behind them !

  A review of the confusion between fantasy (non-sci-fi) and science fiction as well as reviewing a range of fantasy films and why people want fantasy and magic to be real science!
Everybody enjoys creating lists and so this website presents a selection of lists, such as Top Sci-Fi Movie etc. The data is generated from the surveys completed by readers of this website (see the topic next door -->>  

Everybody enjoys completing surveys and this website has a collection of surveys on science fiction and related topics. The data from the surveys is used to create lists which are presented, see <<---


  What to see your work published on the internet after being reviewed by a real scientist? Submit your work here. It is always a pleasure to have written submissions from readers so if you have ideas, then publish them and let others read what you have to say.
    Be delighted to hear from you ...    

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One final bit ... copyright ... The words in these websites are owned by me and I would appreciate it if I am suitable referenced if you're intending to quote my work. Finally, most of the pictures on the websites were obtained from the internet and I have assumed they are public domain. If you are a copyright owner and wish me to remove an image, please contact me via the link above.

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