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A third Doctor and Jo story in which Jo is kidnapped by the Master when she tries to get to the bottom of some weird goings-on at UNIT. The supposed Master turns out to be Verdigris, a sinister and powerful force whose motives must be exposed before the Doctor can find a way to defeat him



Another adventure of the time-travelling Doctor, in which Doctor Who and Jo are asked to investigate the suspicious goings-on of the Legion International in the beautiful village of Culverton



The Tardis lands the time travellers on the deserted observation deck of a skyscraper-like building. Giant screens show programmes about an evacuation procedure and reveal that "Zero Time" is an estimated 35 days away



In the first novel we are introduced to I M Foreman, a mystery woman sitting on a hill. The Doctor joins her and they settle down to discuss what happened on Earth. But what did happen? Sam is there keeping an eye on an international arms conference when she becomes captured by the Remote. Sarah Jane Smith is also there along with K9, doing pretty much the same thing. The Remote are trying to sell advanced alien arms to various powers and using brutish alien Ogrons as bodyguards. Meanwhile the 8th Doctor is apparently locked in a cell where he and his cellmate are irregularly and viciously tortured with electric shock batons. Where all this leads is unclear as it's not resolved in this book. The mysterious I M Foreman remains an enigma, aside from the fact that as a man she might have been running a travelling circus of freaks on the planet Dust which was once visited by the 3rd Doctor and Sarah



Thirty years ago, the Earth was covertly attacked by the alien Myloki who brainwashed humans and seeded them into Earth society as terrorists and assassins. Earth governments pooled their resources and financed Operation PRISM to fight - and win - the secret war against the Myloki. Now, the successor to PRISM, the SILHOUETTE organisation, runs a series of Early Warning devices in space, should the dreaded Myloki return. But the financial burden of the war has caused global financial meltdown and Earth stands on the brink of anarchy. The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe discover the war was in fact faked by a corrupt Earth dictatorship that has turned the planet into a tightly controlled utopia. Drugs keep the population under strict and docile control. Humanity is reduced to little more than work units. With the help of war hero Captain Grant Matthews, a PRISM agent accidentally made indestructible during the war, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe gradually discover the truth - but in doing so they face the opposition of a whole planet



The Doctor's rather manic attempts to refamiliarise himself with the workings of the TARDIS result in the crew finding themselves stranded on an extremely inhospitable planet, as the TARDIS sinks through the cracking ice it landed on. This is Endpoint, the last planet in a crumbled galaxy, where hairless post-humans scrape out an existence on the noxious, barely habitable surface. In their efforts to persuade someone to resurrect the TARDIS, they encounter the real power on Endpoint, a cyborg named Silver, whose enhanced capabilities and mastery of technology mean he dictates what really happens, not only in the capital city, Hope, but on the entire planet. But he is worried: there is something going on that is beyond even his control. In increasing numbers, people are being killed on the streets of Hope. As the Doctor investigates, he discovers a hidden community below the surface of Endpoint, who are desperate enough to kill



White consumes the New Hampshire landscape, as US troops close like a platoon of ghosts on an armed cult, following a spate of unnaturally severe blizzards. Screams are carried on the frosty winds, but as the troops break in they find the house deserted. A gunfight with no victims. The Doctor, hoping to give Leela a taste of life among the tribes of Native America, finds he has fractionally misjudged his coordinates, and they too are trapped in the frozen wastes, for he has strangely lost his homing affinity with the TARDIS. In the nearby small town of Winnipesaukee, a little girl called Amber Mailloux, distressed by the disappearance of her father, frustrated with her mother's roaming, unsettled life, feels almost at one with the heartless, lonely raging of the storm. But none of them know that the snow, the ice is not just a backdrop, but the real enemy. At the heart of the drift is a living presence, glorying in the cold, inhuman structures of the ice. And it's hungry