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Edgar Allen Poe lies dying in a gutter in Baltimore..The Doctor and Ace cannot help him - his death has already happened. Poe will be taken to a hospital, and will die in three days time without ever coming out of his coma. But even as the Doctor explains this, the man in the gutter groans and expires. Bewildered, the Doctor hurries Ace back to the TARDIS. At the door, they look back and see that the gutter is empty. In a moment, Poe staggers around the corner, drops to his knees in the gutter, then gets up and stumbles into another bar...


Set in Los Alamos, New Mexico, 1945. The Second World War is coming to its bloody conclusion, and in the American desert the race is on to build an atomic bomb. The fate of the world is at stake in more ways than one. Someone, or something, is trying to alter the course of history at this most delicate point. And destroy the human race. Posing as a nuclear scientist with Ace as his research assistant, the Doctor plays detective among the Manhattan Project scientists, while desperately trying to avoid falling under suspicion himself.


Caroline 'Laska' Darnell is a perfectly normal 19 year-old: worried about boyfriends, acne and exams; passionate about dance music and piercings. But one day, a terrible suicide attempt sees her admitted to the Retreat, a groundbreaking medical centre in the woods. To her horror, she recognises the Retreat from her nightmares about an old building haunted by ghostly dogs, and she realises that something is very wrong with the institute. Her research brings her to the attention of medical officer Dr Smith, and his friends Fitz and Trix. Smith is utterly fascinated by Laska's waking dreams and prophetic nightmares, but if Laska can't trust her own perceptions, can she trust Dr Smith?


Anji is miserable. The Doctor has finally dropped her back in her own time, but all she feels is lonely. Dave is dead, her work bores her, and the last she saw of the Doctor, they were having a fight about his decision to let Fitz go to his certain death in the Siberian wastes of a century ago. An offer to go and work on a time-research project at the Naryskin Institute in Siberia seems to offer a change, and possibly a connection with her lost past, but the mission turns out not to have the purpose Anji had thought. While Anji battles against the freezing cold, and other, less palpable forces, the Doctor is involved with the Grand Duchess Anastasia, a showman billed as the Great Attractor, and his mysterious servant Holiday, as he tries to work out why all of them are so desperate to be involved with the Naryshkin project, and just what did happen to Fitz's Siberian expedition a hundred years ago


'We are the Nestenes. We have been colonising other planets for a thousand million years.' In the 111th century, nostalgia is everything. TV from the 20th century is the new obsession, and Reef Station One is receiving broadcasts from a distant Earth of the past. Dixon of Dock Green and Z-Cars are ratings winners - and the inhabitants of the New Earth Republic can't get enough. But there are other forces that need Reef Station One. An ancient but dying race sees this human outpost as a last hope for survival...and millionaire Walter J Matheson III sees it as a marvellous business opportunity. When the Doctor and Peri arrive they find a fractured society dependent on film and TV. They also discover that the Republic's greatest entrepreneur is in league with one of the Doctor's oldest enemies. The Doctor and Peri must unravel the link between Matheson's business empire and the Nestenes. Because if they don't, they could end up in the deadliest soap opera of all time


When the Doctor and Mel receive a message about the Lamprey, the Doctor is confused. He's never heard of such a thing. Mel on the other hand has, which is odd as the Lamprey is a demon from a distant planet, far, far in the future - somewhere she's never heard of, let alone visited. Meanwhile two strangers are watching every move the Doctor makes, one minute stopping calamity, the next causing it. Are they the force for good that they claim? Just as Mel thinks she's got this time-travelling business sorted out once and for all, along comes the peculiar Pierrot family to challenge everything she believes to be real...


In the eighth Doctor, Fitz and Compassion story, the Doctor materializes underground, where he and his companions are led to safety by a humanoid character, who explains that this is the planet Eskon


The year is 4991. The TARDIS is dead and Compassion is evolving into a sentient replacement for it. To avoid the Timelords, the Doctor decides to fit a Randomiser but the only place he can obtain the components is the planet Yquatine


A tale in which magic faces down science and dragons duel with jet fighters. But is there some greater power manipulating this war in the other-dimensional world of Avalon?


Another adventure of the time-travelling Doctor, in which Doctor Who finds a hostile welcome awaiting him on the Planet Skale.


12 million years ago, an intergalactic war left its ripples on the Earth. Now, in Antarctica, an archaeological team has found something that is the detritus of the cosmic conflict. The creature, which had evolved millions of years ago into an entity capable consuming all life in the universe, will be a catastrophic threat if it is revived. And something outside our universe has decided to do just that. The Doctor, in the far future, has learnt of the war and is obliged to intervene. But things are complicated by the involvement of combatants from his own future


An adventure featuring the eighth Doctor Who, Fitz and Sam. The TARDIS travels through a worm-hole in space and time that leaves it nearly dead in a present-day Swedish forest. The Doctor reasons that one end of the worm-hole originates from here - but where does it lead to?


The eighth Doctor Who, Sam and Fitz land on the Vega station, a pleasure centre given over to gambling, shopping and the arts. At an exhibition of 3-D paintings, the Doctor soon discovers that there is more to the paintings than meets the eye: people are becoming trapped inside them


A novel featuring the eighth Doctor Who and Sam, and Fitz Kreiner, a roguish dreamer from the 1960s. The Doctor and Sam become involved in the psychological experiments being performed by one Charles Roley, who is probing the psyches of people who believe they've been possessed by the devil


The eighth Doctor Who and Sam arrive on Proxima II, one of the first planets colonized in humanity's first big push into space. But instead of a brave new world, what they find is a settlement rife with superstition and unrest


A novel featuring the eighth Doctor Who. The Doctor and Sam arrive on Bellania IV to find 20,000 people under threat as a catastrophe threatens: immense gravitational and dimensional disturbances are rioting through their sector of space


The eighth adventure of Doctor Who and Sam. It is 3123, and in attempting to discover the origin of an alien spacecraft, the Doctor and Sam hit upon a terrible truth. The alien ship is caught in a closed loop of time, being neither created nor destroyed, but relentlessly circling the vortex


The Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey has been destroyed. The Time Lords are dead, their TARDISes annihilated. The man responsible has been tracked down and lured to Earth in the year 2005, where there will be no escape. But Earth has its hands full - a mystery signal is being received from a radio telescope, there's a second moon in the sky, and a primordial alien menace has been unleashed. The stage is set for the ultimate confrontation - for justice to be done. The Doctor and his companions Fitz and Trix will meet their destiny. And this time, the Doctor isn't going to be able to save everyone. This is the last in the continuing series of original adventures of the Eighth Doctor