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The TARDIS is the Doctor's home and has been the Doctor's constant companion for the majority of his many lives. The TARDIS allows the Doctor to travel anywhere in space and time. In Time Lord terms the TARDIS the Doctor uses is an antique but after the last great time war, the Doctor's TARDIS is probably the last in existance (note probably, who knows maybe the Master still has his TARDIS somewhere!).

The Time Lords used stellar engineering to build and grow the TARDIS. The TARDIS's true size is unknown but it would be both bigger and heavier than the Earth. The power source is the Eye of Harmony, which contains a singularity formed from a collapsing star.

The TARDIS is virtually indestructible and only a super advanced race comparable to the Time Lords themselves could easily open a locked TARDIS or destroy one, for example the Daleks.

The TARDIS has a living mind and their is a special relationship between the TARDIS and the Doctor.