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Doctor Who

In my view Dr Who is, without doubt, the best sci-fi program ever broadcast. The time traveling Doctor is the longest running science fiction TV series that has ever graced a television set. It has now been re-introduced and is proving to be the best entertainment the BBC has produced in decades.

Doctor Who has a special place in my heart as it was this TV series which inspired me as a child to pursue a scientific career and ultimately become a real doctor via the PhD route. It was programs like Doctor Who, and Star Trek to a lesser extent, which fueled my interest in space exploration, the existence of alien worlds and advanced technology.

It was not the Daleks or cybermen that really captured my imagination (although they were very scary), it was the doctor's spaceship, the TARDIS, which is without doubt the best spaceship ever seen in science fiction. Think about it, a spaceship that can travel anywhere and arrive at any time in history. It makes the Starship Enterprise look like a push bike by comparison.

Not forgetting, where would the Doctor be without his companion to ask what's happening, to get into trouble and to occasionally save the Doctor. Personally, I think the companions are just as important as the Doctor himself and, of course, just like the Doctor we all have our favourites!

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