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Welcome to the Sci-Fi Science FAQ

We are fortunate enough to get lots of emails from our readers asking questions. The majority of the questions are on time travel and we have created a seperate page just for time travel. Here are the most common questions that we are asked:

Question - Are you guys for real?

Answer - We think what you mean by this is, are we genuine scientists. The answer is yes. The authors of this site are real PhD scientists. This does not mean that we are working in the fields of teleportation but we can provide valid arguments on the scientific quality of the common sci-fi themes. To be honest, there are so many variables and unknowns there has to be a degree of subjectivity. However, we feel that we have given a balanced argument based on current scientific understanding.

Question - What's your favourite Sci-Fi?

Answer - That's an easy one. It's definitely Dr Who for a number of reasons, mainly (a) the hero (The Doctor) rarely handles a gun but still saves the day, (b) The Doctor's spaceship, the TARDIS, is without doubt the best spaceship ever seen in science fiction. Think about it, there has never been anything remotely close - anywhere in time and space practically instantly and finally (c) Dr Who has the best aliens ever seen in Sci-Fi, the Daleks. The reason we like the Daleks is because they don't look remotely human and they are single-mindedly evil - you can't negotiate with them, they just want you dead. A close second has to be the replicators from Stargate for the same reasons

Question - Do you believe aliens really exist?

Answer - We have discussed this and we believe they do exist as the universe is far too big for us to be here all alone. However, we do not believe that aliens have ever visited Earth.

Question - I am 10 years old and want to learn more about science

Answer - Science is not just sitting in a classroom learning loads of facts. Science is getting out and doing experiments and discovering things. There are many scientific toys out there, such as building rockets, astronomy using a telescope and even taking samples and looking at them under a microscope (look at some water from a pond and it's teaming with life, rub your finger on the inside of your mouth and put it on a slide and you'll see biological cells). Science is all about discovery.

Question - Do you believe humans will do all the things we see in Sci-Fi eventually?

Answer - No, as we don't think some of common Sci-Fi themes will ever be possible, but providing we don't destroy ourselves, or become extinct through a natural disaster, we do believe that humans have the potential to continue to explore space with more and more advanced technology and that our natural curosity will always push us forward. We believe that one day humans will make contact with an alien race, but it will probably only be at a distance... What do you think ?

Question - Are the surveys on your site for real?

Answer - Yes, they represent the data presented and are not simply made up by the webmaster.

Question - You're obviously into Dr Who, do you have a favourite companion?

Answer - Yes, more than one. I liked Peri, Jo Grant and loads of others but if I had to pick just one it would be Sarah Jane Smith.