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Make Contact



Set when we have starships and encountering a beautiful alien. As Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE begins, American and British space travelers discover humanoids while exploring near Halley's Comet. The astronauts bring three of these aliens aboard their spaceship and head back to earth. However, their guests turn out to be evil vampires who kill all but one of the astronauts, Carlsen. After the ship arrives in London, the monsters--led by a beautiful female--escape and wreak havoc throughout the city, transforming humans into zombies. Meanwhile, the surviving astronaut and Caine, a determined police inspector, frantically try to track down the creatures, and destroy them. But the 'Space Girl' has a strange hold over Carlsen, and he has trouble fighting the urge to join her. Can Carlsen overcome the alien's mysterious powers and help Caine stop the fiends before London and the rest of the planet are destroyed.