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Resident Evil

An AI system with mental health issues, why not? The more intelligent a computer gets the more easily it can have issues. A virus that turns people into zombies, sure mot of the illegal drugs out there will destroy your mind, that's why they are illegal... a great Sci-Fi series.

For your Sci-Fi collections ...


An attack by the zombies brings chaos to Harvardville Airport. Special agents Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield arrive ready to combat the zombie rampage in classic high octane Resident Evil Style.


It's three years after the action of Resident Evil: Apocalypse and the world has turned to desert in this third film based on the now-classic video game Resident Evil. Survivors of the zombie-making T-virus are few and far between, but Alice treks her way across the desolate landscape, fending off zombies and fighting the Umbrella Corporation. Not only is the company responsible for the virus and the state of the world but their experiments also turned Alice into a super-human fighting machine. She reunites with Carlos and L.J. when she joins with a caravan of people led by Claire Redfield. Together, the band battles the undead as they make their way to the promised safety of Alaska.



It's a bigger, better, action-packed zombie thriller, and this time Milla Jovovich (as the first film's no-nonsense heroine Alice) is joined by more characters from the popular Capcom video games, including Jill Valentine and Carlos Olivera. They're armed and ready for a high-caliber encounter with devil dogs, mutant "Lickers," lurching zombies, and the leather-clad monster known only as Nemesis, unleashed by the nefarious Umbrella Corporation responsible for creating the cannibalistic undead horde.



As amnesiac Alice (Milla Jovovich) remembers amazing kung fu skills and anti-globalist Eric Mabius mutters about evil corporations, a gang of clichéd soldiers with nary a distinguishing feature between them (except for Michelle Rodriguez as a secondary tough chick) are trapped in an underground scientific compound at the mercy of a tyrannical computer--which manifests as a smug little-girl-o-gram--fending off flesh-eating zombies.