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Make Contact



Playing with alien biology to create a hybred human that's keen to produce more.

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A collection of the first four features in the erotic science fiction franchise. A genetically engineered, shape-shifting creature with extraterrestrial intelligence adopts the form of a beautiful woman to mate with humans and unleash a brood of offspring that will destroy mankind. In SPECIES 2, an astronaut on a mission to Mars is affected by alien DNA. In SPECIES 3, a deviously seductive alien hybrid heads to earth in order to repopulate it. In SPECIES 4 - THE AWAKENING, Professor Miranda Hollander's career is in jeopardy at her college after mystery blackouts.


There's a kind of perverse marketing genius at work in this cheesy sci-fi hit from 1995 in which scientists create a half-human, half-alien woman named Sil who's capable of morphing from a slimy, tentacled creature into a blonde babe with the body of a Playboy centrefold. This makes it easy for Sil to lure gullible guys who are only too willing to indulge her voracious mating urge, realising too late that sex with Sil is anything but safe.