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The Time Machine

The classic Sci-Fi film that showed a time machine that could go forwards and backwards in time. Time Travel has a special section if you want to explore it further. The film is excellent and who can guess what the world would be like in the year 802,701. Here are a selection of pictures to remind you of the films.

The original 1960 and the remake in 2002 were, without doubt, the best ...


George Pal's Oscar-winning adaptation of H. G. Wells' famous short story. George (Rod Taylor), an inventor, transports himself from his present time of 1899 to 1917 when the First World War is in full swing. George then moves through the decades (experiencing yet another world war) until he arrives at 1966 just when a nuclear explosion destroys London. However, he is then trapped in his Time Machine until the year 802,701 where he finds the human race has been divided into two groups; the 'Eloi', who live on the Earth's surface and frolic under the suns rays, and the 'Morlocks', a subterranean species who feed off their ground level cousins.


Set some time after the original 1960 version (although it isn't referenced) so a slightly more modern twist on the original story.