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Gentic engineering is going from one major achievement to another, scientists can already start to identify which parts of the DNA code relate to which physical characteristics and can then manipulate them. Not on the scale of designing a whole human but theoretically it could one day be possible to design a perfect woman!



Teenage geeks Gary and Wyatt are sick of being ignored by girls, abused by cool guys, and forced to spend their weekend nights watching nerdy old sci-fi movies. Left alone for the weekend, they use Wyatt's computer to create Lisa, a stunningly beautiful woman with a body that stops traffic, a heart of gold, and a genius IQ. The boys embark on an adventure with their creation, going to bars, driving Ferraris, throwing a killer party, and keeping Wyatt's psychotic older brother, Chet, in check. But in the end, they learn that wearing cool clothes, hanging out with cool kids, and being popular might not solve all their problems.