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The development of robotics is with us now in modern production lines but there is a huge difference between a robotic arm and a walking person (just take a look at the Honda man). However, our technology is improving and eventually it could be possible to build a cyborg. I think what is more of a challenge will be developing the AI. In Westworld it was very basic AI (still way ahead of anything we have).


A lawyer and businessman (Richard Benjamin and James Brolin) take a dream holiday to the newly opened technological paradise Westworld, a resort offering its visitors all the thrills, but none of the dangers, of the old Wild West, which is recreated by supposedly harmless robots. However, when one of the computerized gunslingers (Yul Brynner) malfunctions, the two city slickers find themselves in a battle for their lives. Directorial debut of 'Jurassic Park' author, Michael Crichton.