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Stargate Main Characters

The very familiar main characters for both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are given below:

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General George Hammond


As the Commanding Officer of the Stargate Command (SGC) he has authority over all SG teams. His mission statement is to analyze the threat potential of alien races defend Earth from possible hostile invasion and to analyze and recover technologies for study and further development.

Hank Landry


The replacement of George Hammond. We were never really all that imprssed with this guy

Jack O'Neill


As the commanding officer of SG-1, Jack O'Neill has frequently defended Earth from hostile invasion and found time to explore new worlds and return new technologies to Earth. Jack had a tragedy in his life when he lost his son Charlie in a accidentally shooting incident with O'Neill's own gun. Jack is a very funny character who plays off well against the serious Teal'c and Daniel Jackson.

Cameron Mitchell


Lt Col Mitchell is the new commanding officer after Jack O'Neal was promoted. Cameron put SG-1 back together and proved to be an effective commanding officer.

Daniel Jackson


Dr. Jackson joined the SG-1 team on a voluntary basis to study the cultures of other planets. He holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology as well as a Ph.D. in Linguistics. He is an expert in ancient cultures and languages in addition to current ones; he speaks over 20 languages including ancient Egyptian. His humanistic, liberal approach is often in conflict with O'Neill's militaristic approach.

Sam Carter


Samantha Carter mission statement is to ascertain possible hostile threats, to continue analysis of Stargate technology, and to analyze and return materials, technologies and knowledge for further development.  She in an astrophysics genius, holding a Ph.D. in Quantum Mechanics and is a plasma/particle physics expert. She is also an expert on gate technology, having read every bit of information known to exist and has studied the permutations of the gate symbols at length.



A former Goa'uld and thief, Vala becomes a member of SG-1 and plays a key role with the Ori war.



Teal'c is a member of the alien race known as the Jaffa. Similar to humans in overall appearance, Jaffas have an  marsupial pouch in the abdomen to nurse infant parasitic bugs, Goa'uld larva. There is a strong symbiotic relationship between them as the Jaffa is guaranteed powerful healing abilities and immunity to myriad diseases including all viral or bacterial infections for as long as he carries the symbiote. For this reason, Jaffa live to be very old. Teal'c, although he looks much younger, is actually over 90 years old. After a seven year gestation period, the mature Goa'uld parasite seeks out a new host, (usually human). His main reason for joining SG-1 was to try to set straight the misdeeds of his past and to win freedom for his people from the Goa'uld.

Janet Fraiser


Dr. Fraiser is a military doctor. General Hammond hand picked her to work in the SGC because of her expertise in exotic diseases. Dr. Fraiser's skill and compassion enable her to face the most peculiar cases brought to her by SG-1 and all the other SG teams.

Tokra from Stargate



Though the same species as the Goa'uld, the Tok'ra are a resistance movement who live in voluntary symbiosis with their human hosts -- and thus refuse to be called "Goa'uld" because of their philosophical differences. More than 2,000 years ago a Goa'uld queen, Egeria, realized what true evil the species was and made a decision to turn against the System Lords. All her offspring have genetically inherited the same ideals, and the Tok'ra movement was born.

Thor of the Asgard


Earth's most powerful ally. The Asgard have assumed the personae of Norse gods. Physiologically, the Asgard average about one meter in height, with grayish skin tones, small, skinny limbs, large heads and black eyes. Despite the Asgard's small physical stature, their size is no comparison to their intellect. They have successfully developed a multitude of advanced technologies that dwarf those of the Goa'uld, including faster-than-light travel that can launch an Asgard vessel from one galaxy to another in minutes. For all of the Asgard's technologies and intellectual capabilities they have been forced into a deadlock with the battle with an artificial species in their galaxy: the Replicators.



One of the most advanced races of transplanted humans encountered by the S.G.C., the Tollan are stubborn to the point of arrogance, and believe any species with lesser technology than theirs is "inferior." Their highest law forbids them from sharing any of their technology with a less-advanced species. Aside from their arrogance, the Tollan are a peaceful people who believe in an almost xenophobic lifestyle when it comes to other species. Recently the Tollan suffered a major defeat at the hands of the Goa'uld Anubis who wiped out the Tollan's capital city from orbit. The Tollan evacuated their planet in ships, but many were shot down. It is unknown if any survived the attack.

Ancient from Stargate


The Ancients were once a race of advanced humans who were the original architects of the Stargate network. According to the Asgard, they moved on from our part of space long ago. In fact, the Ancients learned to ascend to a higher plane of existence when a great plague swept across the galaxy. Many died out, but those who learned to ascend shed their corporeal form. The Ancients seeded human life on many hundreds of worlds, as they had once done in our galaxy. They lived there for millions of years -- but then they came upon a planet where a powerful enemy slept.  The  Ancients have ascended into an omni-present, ethereal beings who feel they must remove themselves from interaction with all cultures beneath their non-corporeal plane. To merely interact with an individual beneath is breaking their law. Assisting a lower being in discovering ascension is punished by banishment. Meddling in circumstances that change the direction of a civilization is by far the most dire offence. Though the Ancients are not physically present, their actions have visibly altered the efforts of SG-1, among others. The Atlantis expedition is living in the Ancients' advanced city. Despite the fact that they are non-corporeal, they are still a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Nox from Stargate


Though they appear to be primitive forest-dwellers, the pacifist, nature-loving Nox are one of the galaxy's oldest and most advanced races. Capable of living hundreds of Earth years, the Nox believe they are symbiotically linked with nature and treasure the world in which they live. Physically, Nox are very similar to humans, though their hair is elaborately different. Both hair and clothing reflect their forest surroundings. Nox stick to a strong code of ethics, believing everything and everyone is sacred. They refuse to take part in any plot to do harm to another if they may be directly responsible. They will not even fight to defend themselves.


Now, for STARGATE ATLANTIS. Click on the picture for a larger version ...

Elizabeth Weir


Former leader of the Atlantis expedition. Her greatest strengths are within brokering peace and being a voice of reason. She worked for the U.S. government as a high level international negotiator before being offered command of the SGC (before leaving for the Pegasus galaxy). She became a replicator and aided their end.

John Sheppard


A gifted military pilot, Sheppard once defied a direct order and flew his helicopter to rescue two Rangers trapped behind enemy lines. He is also a closet mathematical genius. He has a wry sense of humour and likes to pretend he's not as smart as he really is

Ronan Dex


Once an elite soldier, he saw his planet destroyed by the Wraith. He was captured and became an effective runner. The tracking device was removed by Carson Beckett and he became a member of the team.

Rodney McKay


Dr. McKay had been studying the Stargate Program out of Area 51 for over a year and was considered to be the world's foremost Stargate expert (although Samantha must be in the running for that title).  He can be very difficult to get along with and although a genius is a fumbling wreck when confronted by an attractive girl.

Teyla Emmagn


Teyla is a native of a post-apocalyptic alien world, where she lost most of her family to the Wraith. Despite her youth, she has become a leader to her people. She proves herself to be a surprisingly scrappy fighter and an invaluable source of knowledge about the people and worlds the team visit.

Jennifer Keller


The replacement of Carson Beckett as chief medical officer. Very pretty and develops an interesting relationship with Rodney McKay.

Carson Beckett


The team's medical doctor, Beckett is a Scottish man with a witty sense of humour. Beckett must become an expert in exobiology when he joins the expedition to the Pegasus galaxy and he learns early on that he possesses the rare gene that allows him to use the Ancients' technology. Dr Beckett died on series 3 and was replaced by Dr Keller (whom we'll add once we've got a decent picture of her).