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Stargate was a huge hit running for an impressive 10 sessions, but in my humble view it comes second to Dr Who.. The main theme is that an advanced race built a series of wormhole devices across the galaxy and beyond. Stargate has all the major Sci-Fi themes - time travel, crystals for power and communication, teleporters, lots of aliens (particularly liked the replicators!), hyperdrive systems, weapons and shields.

The characters from both SG-1 and Atlantis have been excellent but it's the baddies once again that steal the show. There is an excellent selection of books, kindle books and DVDs available.

Now that SG-1 is off our screens, what did we think of the last episode. Our opinion is that it was awful. It's main focus seemed to be to tie up lots of loose ends in preparation for the two full length features, Ark of Truth and Continuum. We thought the mass suicide of the Asgard made absolutely no sense at all. If they had developed an energy weapon capable of destroying an Ori ship and they had a large fleet of ships why didn't they just destroy the Ori ships - instead they fitted all the technology onto one single earth ship and then blew themselves up. Perhaps we've missed something - if we have please contact us and explain.

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