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When watching or reading science fiction, there several common themes that repeatedly turn up. For example space travel at faster than light speeds or meeting aliens, either good or bad. These common themes are explored here and assessed whether they could ever been technically possible. For example, it may be beyond our technological capability, but not beyond our scientific understanding. That means we would have no idea how to do it, by also cannot see any scientific reason why it should not be possible.


The longest running science fiction TV show in the world is Dr Who. The story of an alien, a timelord, who travels the universe of space and time in his time machine. He is a force for good and does not use a gun! The science of Dr Who warrents it's own dedicated page.




Whilst reviewing the science behind science fiction, I discuss a large number of films covering the best in both Sci-Fi and fantasy. At the request of several readers I have collected all the recommendations together in a single area to ease of browsing. I have also recommended reading material if you wish to know more about the science of science fiction, such as time travel or the search for aliens.

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